Older women that want a youger man to video chat naked

13-Sep-2017 06:55

If I’d amassed a share of the Rolling Stones pension pot, alleged to amount to £1bn, it might have been more obvious what my wife saw in me.

As it is, however, the last 14 years have not only been the happiest of my life: they have also brought me a level of financial security I have never known – owing, in large part, to sharing my life for the first time with a wife with whom it is possible to talk and plan sensibly about money.

When it comes to love, age is just a number - or so the saying goes.

But how would you react if you saw a man in his sixties on a romantic date with a woman young enough to be his granddaughter?

Felix Dennis, the near-billionaire publisher who recently died, negotiated many decades with women on an emotionless calculation of their material interests.'The stigma's there, so you probably will be taken a little bit aback by it.' This 86-year-old man (pictured), who declined to give his name, said: 'I see nothing wrong with it, providing they look after one another.